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Accelerated Reader Information

hese links are listed as a courtesy to our website visitors. While these sites are offered as a resource for our visitors, the Elk Grove Unified School District does not control the information contained in the linked websites and accepts no liability for any information.
The Accelerated Reader (AR) Program provides teachers and children a fun and exciting way to promote reading at home and in the classroom.
As a school we continue to be excited about our Intranet AR program through Renaissance Learning and are confident that it will continue to support our students’ success. CRES has a subscription to all Renaissance AR Quizzes that are available. That is over 100,000 quizzes!
The students read books from their classroom, public or school library. After they have completed a book they take a comprehension test on the computer. Based on their percentage of correct answers they will be awarded a designated number of points for each test completed. These points are then accrued throughout the year for various incentives and report card assessment. Accelerated Reader (AR) software is installed in the classrooms and computer lab allowing students to take in-class quizzes on books they have read for points. Each book has a designated reading level as well as point value.
Improve the School-to-Home Connection:
With Home Connect, you can link school and home to make reading practice even more effective.
Below is the link for available quizzes.
By connecting to this website from your home computer students and parents can:
  • See progress toward reading goals.
  • Conduct book searches.
  • Review quiz results.
  • View the number of books read, words read, and quizzes passed.
  • And much, much more.
Your child then uses his or her Renaissance Place/Accelerated Reader username and password to log in to Home Connect from home. In Home Connect you can also click on Email Setup to sign up to receive emails showing your child’s quiz. If you have any questions about your child’s progress with Accelerated Reader or would like additional information on thisprogram, please contact your child’s teacher.
  • The students can go online to find their book at
  • No purchase is necessary to look up books or quizzes.   Try the new site by clicking on AR Book Finder.
  • Take the time to help your child look up books in their reading range.
  • If you have any questions about our new program, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher
  • You can also find AR Book Finder when you log on to Home Connect.